Windows, Doors and Glass

We manufacture Carinya windows and doors right here in the territory and through NTK’s manufacturing process with the machinery and equipment we have, we are able to offer customised colours to create the look the customer wants.

Sliding Windows & Doors

We manufacture Carinya sliding windows and doors right here in the territory at our warehouse located in Holtze. This classic window or door is highly demanded in the residential market, with designs suitable for high rise apartments, you will also see this design within the commercial market.

Invisiguard Security Screens

NTK's security screens are unlike others in the industry. Our design has built in fire escape clips which allows you to exit from inside the house through the screen, but does not allow entry through the outside for saftey and to avoid break ins. this design has revolutionised security screens in the Northern Territory and the Kimberley areas. Come in to our front office for a demo or call for any enquiries.

Hinged & Pivot Doors

Carinya hinged and pivot doors are perfect for creating a grand entrance to the front of your house.

The modern design of this door is highly functional and stylish, it was created to reduce visible fixings while incorporating hardware lock systems, similar to the Bi-Fold doors.

Louvre Windows

The louvre window design allows for efficient airflow neccesary in the Northern Terriorty, as well as a tight seal when closed, for aircon or a storm to stop anything from getting air from getting out or any rain from getting in.

Bi-Fold Doors

The Carinya design for Bi-Fold doors allow for smooth accessibility and multi-points for locking to create and open configuration to your liking.

Bi-Fold doors are perfect for an open floor plan to change into private sectors whenever you chose to use them. With a 85mm wide face on the rails and stiles of the door, Carinya extrusions are able to use hardware lock options to keep the safety of your premises, through strength and performance.

Awning Windows & Severies

Awning windows have an incorporated integrated hinge within the frame, through this design we are able to achieve a modern clean look to a window with a multitude of features. 

Splashbacks, Shower Screens & Mirrors

NTK has expanded their services within the glass industry to now offers sleek splashbacks, showers screens and mirrors ideal to elevate the look of your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and more. 

Float, Laminate, Toughened & Double Glazed Glass

NTK industries offers more than just windows and doors, we offer a large range of glass that can be cut, polished and toughened. Call our office for any enquiries you may have and place an order.



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