Double Glazing

NTK Industries is now supplying double glazed glass to the Northern Territory and Kimberley areas. Double glazing is two pieces of glass with an insulated glass unit in the centre, this helps sound proofing within your home while regulating the temperature.

Benefits of Double Glazing.

1. Helps Save On Energy Bills
Double glazing is two panes of glass with an airspace in the centre, this helps to significantly reduce the amount of heat that enters or exits your complex. As a result, your house is cooler during summer and warmer during winter. This takes pressure off your air-conditioner/heater to reach a comfortable temperature, which will reduce your energy bills.

2. Sound Proofing Your Home/Commercial Area
Due to the windows containing an airspace between the two pieces of glass, a sound barrier is created which helps effctively in reducing the noise that can enter your complex. It is especially helpful for those who live near airports, have neighbors with noisy pets, or reside off main roads.

3. Improves Security
Windows with double glazing are tougher to break and are more difficult to be forcefully opened from the outside. This increases the safety level of your house and burglars will be discouraged from breaking in.

4. Reduces Interior Fading
Double Glazing can help reduce the effect the sun has on the interior of your home including furnishing and decor. 

5. Increases Property Value
Due to all the benefits listed in the points above, the selling price or worth of your home increases. Typically, a home with double glazing has more value. 

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