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Glass Recycling


Glass is one of the longest-lasting materials, with an estimation of 1 million years for the decomposition of a glass bottle in the environment, with plate glass assumed to take longer. Till now, glass in the Northern Territory was headed straight to landfill till NTK Industries saw the environmental and economical benefits of recycling glass back into the construction industry. 


How can the recycled glass be used?

Recycled glass has various uses which include the following; Fluxing agent in bricks and ceramics, coated abrasive in sandpaper, sandblasting medium, filteration aid in the water industry, filler in paints and plastics, special crop fertilisers, insulation material used in construction and landscaping in gardens, parks and golf courses. 

The Recycling Modernisation Fund

NTK Industries has been lucky enough to be part of the Federal & Territory Government Co-Investment program, The Recycling Modernisation Fund. Our aim is to recycle around 75% of the Northern Territory’s waste glass, and to divert 6,000 tonnes of waste glass from landfill. The $2.3 million Federal and Territory co-investment program is met with industry funding bringing the investment to $8.3 million, which will go towards 7 projects across the Northern Territory. Our aim is to recycle all the glass that comes through our doors.

Termite Protection

Crushed glass can be used as an extra termite barrier in the construction industry, which is a common issue in Northern Australia. Using crushed glass as a termite protectant reduces the amount of chemicals applied to sites before construction. 

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Non Structural Concrete

Using recycled glass as a sand substitution in making polymer concrete is an effective and efficient production of a material that is high-strength and water resistant. Recycled glass is suitable for infrastructure drainage and industrial flooring. 

Glass Filteration Media

Finely crushed recycled glass can be used as industrial and environmental filteration as it provides outstanding water clarity and quality. It can be a direct replacement for sand and or, adsorbents and catalysts in both fresh and salt water pools.  

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Sandblast Medium

Glass recovery sandblast medium is manufactured from 100% recycled bottle glass, which means it is non-toxic and completely inert, that can be used near and around water. Using crushed glass as a sandblast medium will work great for thick and soft coatings, aluminium, brass, and bright metal applications. 

Sands (Pipe Bedding)

Recycled crushed glass can be used as an alternative to sand to embed water main pipes and sewer main pipes in their trenches. It is a sustainable alternative to the diminishing and increasingly expensive sand. 

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Asphalt (Glassphalt)

Using recycled glass in asphalt has been known to reduce maintenance costs due to durability and decreased risk of potholes. Some contractors even stating that is more mobile than gravel. A 2003 scoping study by the Australian Environment Business Network 25 found that approximately 15,000 tonnes of glass fines currently going to landfill annually in New South Wales could be used for asphalt. 

Superior Cleaning

  • Crushed glass filteration media is less likely to block or channel than silica sand. It will also not support moss or fungus growth in the media. 

  • It removes finer particles from water than silica sand of an equivalent grade. 

  • It provides a 25% improvement in turbidity removal over silica sand and is equivalent to adsorbents and catalysts. 

Superior Cleaning.png

"We aim to reuse all of the glass that comes through our doors". - Andrew Jones 

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Benefits of using recycled glass!

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  • The glass contains no crystalline silica, resulting in better lung protection for employees and a healthier environment.

  • Glass grains are amorphous, smooth particles that have high attrition strength and does not permanently trap bacteria. 

  • Reduced Landfill - The reduction of landfill is vital, as a non biodegradable product, glass can be recycled many times over if managed well. 

  • Greener Homes - Glass can be utilised for more than just windows, recycling glass back into the construction industry supports Australia in building a circular economy. 

Want to be apart of the change?

NTK Industries are seeking local & national businesses that are interested in purchasing the crushed glass which can be used for; termite protection, asphalt, glass filtration media, non structural concrete, and sands. If you would like to be part of the solution, that is improving the environment and building greener homes. Please submit your details and we will be in touch with you. 

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