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Lisec Split Fin

​      Benefits of the new Lisec Split Fin

  • NTK Industries glass processing times have changed immensely, with most glass orders completed within 3 business days. 

  • Fastest cycle time with complete flexibility and stability

  • Glass surface is not touched throughout edge processing

  • Final polishing possible without a tool change (three tools on one tool holder)

  • Two equivalent processing spindles are installed at the front and rear of the MRX-B

  • Rapid tool changer on the MRX-B internal processing unit, tools always carried along with the spindle

  • Autopilot for processing (speed adjustment, validation systems, etc.)

  • Production of sheets from other edge processing machines possible on the MRX-B, even during line operation

  • Possible to produce polished round corners and bevelled corners without lost cycle time

  • Cycle time pre-calculation for operators facilitates simplified planning


Monday - Friday
7:00am - 3:30pm

NTK Industries            (P): 08 8983 3955

33 Mighall Place, Holtze NT 0829

NTK Industries provides high quality security screens, louvers, awning windows, sliding windows, serverys, sliding doors, french doors, stacker doors, bi-fold doors, frameless shower screens, fixed glass shower screens, glass balustrading, and glass pool fences to the Northern Territory and Kimberley areas.


Greener Solutions

NTK Industries is currently working towards a solution to recycle glass in the Northern Territory. In 2017, we acquired the Viridian glass processing facility and this has expanded our business capabilities, our name changed slightly to encompass our expansion, NTK Windows & Doors became NTK Industries.

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